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    Former Navy Seal Carl Higbie Told Katy Perry To “Go To Hell.”

    After Katy Perry’s comments on open borders, former Navy Seal Carl Higbie told her to “go to hell.” Higbie was asked about his thoughts regarding requiring immigrants to take cultural classes to aid assimilation efforts in the wake of terror attacks, by the host Fox News Shannon Bream. “If you come to America, you’re American […]

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    Sheriff Tracy Murphree Brutally Criticized On Islam

    It’s easy to criticize law enforcement who are risking their live, when we are sitting in a bubble and telling them how to do their job. We prefer to sit like an audience in a concert and criticize the personnel, while telling them how to do their job without even knowing what we are talking […]

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    Thousands Of Pissed Off Muslims In Texas Just Got Horrible News

    Texas continues its winning strike. First they started with abolishing sanctuary cities, since they create violent crimes and the tax payers have to pay for it. And the second win is banning Sharia Law, and all of its crazy rules such as marriage between children, allowing rape and killing women, pushing gays off of tall […]

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    UK Sniper Kills ISIS Jihadist 1.5 Miles Away With An American Rifle

    An Islamic Jihadist was killed by a British SAS veteran using an American gun from a range of 1.5 miles in Mosul. The sniper used CheyTac M200 Intervention, produced in South Carolina, USA. As Daily Mail reported, the ISIS Jihadist was armed with a sniper as well, and had been moving from one place to another […]

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    Melania Trump Declares She’s A Practicing Roman Catholic

    After Melania Trump’s first visit with the Pope Francis in Vatican on Wednesday, her spokeswoman revealed that the First Lady is a practicing Roman Catholic, but she didn’t say when Melania was baptized. Today’s visit with His Holiness Pope Francis @Pontifex is one I’ll never forget. I was humbled by the honor. Blessings to all. […]

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    Queen Elizabeth Did Something Amazing For The Bombing Victims

    Queen Elizabeth has been praise by the whole nation. In times of turmoil the people seek for her comfort and the comfort of the Royal Family. Following the horrible attack by Muslim suicide bomber, swearing allegiance to ISIS, UK was left in mourning. His choice to bomb a concert with young girls is just another […]

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