Anderson Cooper Is Being Sued For Purposely Reporting A False Story

As The Daily Mail reported CNN reporter got a defamation lawsuit after Florida Judge didn’t dismiss the lawsuit out of court.

The accuser, Dr. Michael Black, is a heart surgeon who works at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Cooper’s show Anderson Cooper 360, purposely did a story to get a better ratings, even though they knew that the evidence presented was false, claimed Black.

Cooper’s report said that the percent of infants who died after heart surgery at St. Mary’s Medical Center was 12.5 percent which makes that three times more than the national average.

The network ran overdramatized headlines alleging that Black is using “babies as sacrificial lambs” and being a “total mess with newborn babies.”

Anyhow, Black stated that CNN’s mortality calculations were “fundamentally flawed pseudo-statistical analysis.”

Black thinks that CNN’s goal was “to manufacture an outrageous, headline-grabbing story about an incompetent, dishonest and inexperienced doctor leading a surgical program in crisis and recklessly operating on young children to profit at the expense of those children’s lives.”

The CEO of St. Mary’s stood behind Black, arguing that CNN only accounted for a portion of the heart surgeries, making that inaccurate statistical representation.

According to the Society of Thoracic Surgeons, Black personally told the network that the mortality percent was around the national average, which is 3.5.

“CNN recklessly — and repeatedly — ignored information demonstrating the absolute falsity of their claims about Dr. Black and the surgical program he led, and deliberately manipulated statistics to fit their predetermined conclusion about the quality of care provided by Dr. Black and St. Mary’s,” said Libby Locke, one of Black’s attorneys.

Black claims CNN’s story caused him “reputational and economic harm.”

He also says that he got a several death threats; one caller even telling him he would be “butchered just like (his) patients.”

Cooper and his colleagues wanted the lawsuit go away, but a Florida judge said that Black had enough evidence in his 208-page defamation lawsuit to make a plausible case that CNN mislead its audience for a purpose of a ratings grab.

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