Angela Merkel Rolled Her Eyes At Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said something that created a reaction from the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Putin and Merkel were caught on camera talking during the first day of the G20 summit.

Putin, who knows German, was talking to Merkel, and as it appears in the video he was emphatic about the subject he was talking, but Merkel rolled her eyes at him.

This moment was widely debated.

Slate, posted a longer video of the interchange suggesting that the two of them were talking about a flight pattern of ballistic missiles.

In Slate’s opinion, “Merkel appears to illustrate the flight pattern of the missile with her hand when Putin suddenly stops, shakes his head, wags his finger, and does his own hand motion.”

Cosmopolitan‘s opinion of the exchange Merkel gesture was “‘omfg will this man stop explaining to me things I already know.’”

Merkel’s interaction to Putin was one of the two moments captured that become popular on the internet.

The other moment was a video of her putting her head in her hands while talking to President Donald Trump.

It was unknown what Trump and Merkel were saying at the time of the photo.

A 2014 New Yorker reported an incident related to Merkel and Putin, in which Putin brought his dog into a room where he was meeting Merkel, and Merkel is afraid of dogs.

Writer George Packer later wrote about the incident.

“‘I’m sure it will behave itself,’ Putin said. Merkel had the presence of mind to reply, in Russian, ‘It doesn’t eat journalists, after all.’ The German press corps was furious on her behalf — ‘ready to hit Putin,’ according to a reporter who was present.”

“Later at the same meeting, Merkel interpreted Putin’s behavior. ‘I understand why he has to do this — to prove he’s a man,’ she told a group of reporters. ‘He’s afraid of his own weakness. Russia has nothing, no successful politics or economy. All they have is this,’” Packer wrote.

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