Arizona Finds A Simple Way To Get Refugees To Leave

Thousands of Muslim refugees have left Arizona for one simple reason that the Arizona residents are doing. Happen after hordes of Muslim refugees invaded in US, and Arizona was one of the countries they invaded.

Over 7,500 Somali refugees settled in Arizona moved away because there are not enough welfare and government benefits as they expected. Also the state requires everyone to learn English and find jobs in order to get food stamps. Apparently, this is what they were looking for.

The immigrants receive $925 for each one of them the US Department of Health and Human Service. With this payment, migrants are expected to foot the rest of their bills after the payment is spent. The state of Arizona doesn’t give any additional funding unless these welfare is earned. And it looks like this is too much work for some of them.

All the refugees are required to provide a monthly report that they are learning English, and looking for jobs. And if they don’t provide this report their food stamps are cut off and they are denied all other state benefits.

One Somali refugee statement about Arizona’s system:

“The one thing that Arizona does very well is making sure that at least these families will not go hungry,” Somali asylum seeker Mukhtar Sheikh says. “But sometimes these families don’t get enough help — they come in saying, “Oh, my food stamps have stopped,’ so we have to call DES and ask them why.”

Adding that he and his family were leaving Arizona for better benefits.

“If that money runs out and they don’t have a job, then there starts to be pressure for them to find a way to survive,” Sheikh says. “There’s not a lot of programs to help them with employment here.”

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