Bill O’Reilly Made A Major Statement Before Comey’s Testimony

Former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly stated on Wednesday that behind all the media hysteria, there is a thing that Americans should never forget that President Trump has done nothing wrong.

“As predicted, TV coverage of the pre-Comey testimony is hysterical,” O’Reilly wrote on Twitter. “Here’s one simple fact: A sitting president has absolute authority to ask about any investigation as long as the Prez does not interfere in fact gathering process.”

In the written testimony that James Comey submitted to the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that Trump repeatedly asked Comey to tell the public what Comey told him privately — that Trump was not the target of any investigation.

Trump also requested from Comey that the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn needed to continue once Flynn had resigned.

O’Reilly stated that Comey’s hearing will only worsen things.

“Today, the USA is a divided nation which will become more divided tomorrow when James Comey testifies in front of a senate committee. The former FBI director, recently fired by President Trump, is expected to criticize the President,” he shared on his website.

“But no matter what Comey says, the anti-Trump media will whip the story up into a hysterical exposition and ride it for weeks. Donald Trump will get hammered no matter what happens at the hearing,” O’Reilly said.

“Not much out of the Senate Intelligence hearings today. 0/4 chieftains implicated the WH in any wrongdoing. Bad day for the anti-Trump media,” he wrote.

And for the big finish of his series of tweets O’Reilly wrote:

“Never thought I’d say this but I will be “live tweeting” during the hearing tomorrow…”

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