The Border Patrol Discovered Something Horrifying Proving Trump Was Right

The mainstream media hiding all the fact about the illegals is the only reason why many people think they are nice and harmless. Even though there are many cases proving the opposite the liberals are still call on Trump to open our borders.

Border Patrol officials found 1,100 pounds of marijuana shipped from Mexico in the spare tire compartment of new Ford Fusions. The drugs were recovered from 22 vehicles, and most of them traveled north on the same train car.

After finding the drugs U.S. authorities were immediately contacted by a Burlington Northern Santé Fe railroad contractor.

The Dilworth Police Department informed that they received a call on March 10 at 10 am that narcotics have been found at the Dilworth Auto Yard. They explained that the drugs were found in new vehicle spare wheel parts, following this they obtained a search warrant for additional investigation.

the discovered marijuana was latter broken into 14 separate packages which contained 217 pounds of Marijuana, worth over $272,000.

This is an ongoing investigation and more information will be revealed soon.

This is just another proof that we should have in mind when the liberal try again to sell that illegals are nice, kind and peaceful.

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