BREAKING: Comey Shocks Everyone With His Resignation Letter

The liberals are trying to show Trump’s decision to fire Comey as an exceptional and unprecedented event, but now their attempt to make the President sound like inadequate is destroyed.

“I have long believed that a President can fire an FBI Director for any reason, or for no reason at all,” Comey wrote in his resignation letter, released last night.

Comey in the latter wrote that his fellows at the FBI should continue to defend the American constitution and to continue to make our country safer.

Even though Comey is coping whit his dismissal very good, that doesn’t change the mess he has made at the FBI during his term. His replacement would have a lot of work to do in order to restore the integrity of the department.

Comey was a hard worker at the FBI, anyhow he used his power to cover for Hillary Clinton and many others. He did not defend the justice, he let guilty people walk. And now that legacy will follow him.

“Comey went so far to protect Crooked Hillary that he never even ASKED to see the hacked DNC servers. At best, he was completely incompetent; and, at worst, he was just as much of a criminal as those he had sworn to protect us against.” – The Angry Patriot.

“In fact, shortly before his resignation, Comey admitted that, out of 3,000 open cases under his watch, over 200 of them involved refugees.” –The Angry Patriot.

Comey’s behavior might have worked in the Obama time, but not in our time. We do not want a corrupted FBI director that wouldn’t protect us from the criminals.

The liberals’ opposing this decision is the most hypocritical thing they can do, given that they wanted Comey to be fired when Hillary was in trouble.

Comey’s official letter of resignation should put some of this protest at rest. This is the one thing that Comey did, that deserves a respect.

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