Budweiser Launched A New 4th Of July Ad

The 4th of July isn’t only about fireworks, freedom, and American flags, it is also about the fire that many Americans will be gathering around. The shopping list is the same for any patriot and that means burgers and beer. After this article, you will know which beer will be popular among conservatives, as one beer brand issued their new Independence Day ad.

As this year major companies decided to make their commercials political like Heineken and Starbucks, Budweiser decided to do the same but in a different way and left their customers impressed.

Star Wars star Adam Driver (known as Kylo Ren) is a Marine veteran who reached his dream of becoming an actor. And now, he is giving back, with the help of Budweiser’s “Folds Of Honor” program.

Budweiser created a docu-movie that impressed every patriot in this country.

Driver is heading across the country to meet with the real daughter of an actual injured Army vet, John Williams. His daughter, Hayley Grace Williams, is studying for a nurse and had written into the “Folds of Honor” program so that she could get a scholarship to help accomplish her dreams.

“Because of his injury, Williams was not able to go overseas and was medically discharged,” Right Wing News says. “His daughter has been forced to work 40 hours a week to pay for her final year of school, which is going to cost $44,000. In her letter, Hayley explains that the weight she carries is so great that she may not be able to finish her final year of schooling.”

As Heineken speaks to Americans about “open borders” on their bottles, Budweiser decided to take a patriotic approach. And you can see it’s working by their sales, as Heineken lost a high number of customers and Budweiser returned to being the “king of beers.”

Heineken bottle reads:

“Here’s To An Open World

To a world without borders or barriers. To the belief that there is more that unites us than divides us. To find common ground to raise a bottle with the person next to you. Because a stranger is just a friend that you haven’t had a cold Heineken with yet.

Open Your World.”

While Heineken believes that open borders will unite people, Budweiser knows what America truly needs now. And that is doing more for the people who gave up their lives for this country. There are homeless, hurting veterans that need our help far more than refugees and illegal immigrants.

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