CBS Producer Paula Reid Did A False Story About Arlington, Virginia Gun Store SpecDive

CBS News did a piece on how easily someone can purchase an AR-15 just by walking into gun store. This story was so misleading and the purpose was to manipulate the public opinion.

As  The Daily Caller, CBS producer Paula Reid visited the Arlington, Virginia gun store SpecDive, and  omitted to specify on federal applications  whether she indented to pass on the possession to a third party.

CBS, while broadcasting stated that the weapon was purchased within 38-minutes, and claimed it was for Reid, hiding the fact that she purposely mislead the gun shop and, by filing a false federal application she committed a felony that has a prison sentence upon conviction.

Reporter Kris Van Cleeve stated: “As for the rifle we legally purchased, it was transferred to a federally licensed firearm dealer and weapons instructor in Virginia following state law within hours of us purchasing the weapon.”

His report is making false assumption that anyone can purchase a weapon without having to answer any questions. Maybe if the feds actually pursue felony charges against producer Reid, they might do accurate story this time behind prison bars.

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