Chairwoman Jamie Dimon Took A Stand For President Donald Trump

Republicans need to unite around their leader, President Trump, GOP Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel stated in a radio interview Thursday

“I think we need to rally around our President right now. He’s had unprecedented obstruction from the Democrats and the media. They are coming after him with everything and this is a time for our party to be rallying around our leader, which is our President, who the people voted to represent them. He needs our support,” McDaniel said in an appearance on “Kilmeade and Friends.”

“And if Comey really thought that the President had crossed a line, he would have reported it, and he didn’t. There’s an investigation that is going to take place; we’re going to get to the bottom of that,” she added. “But in the meantime, people are still hurting in my state, because their premiums are doubling with their healthcare. Their deductibles are so high that they have health insurance but they don’t have healthcare. We need to fix problems all across this country.”

McDaniel’s vote of confidence in the president reflected the message coming from Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who demonstrated his confidence in Trump on Wednesday

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