Charles Krauthammer Humiliates The Inside Traitors

The famous journalist Charles Krauthammer form Fox News defended President Trump, and devastated the White House traitors. As many people are criticizing about the “leaks” problem in the White House, Krauthammer indicated that the problem wasn’t the leaks itself but the loyalty of the staff.

 “The idea that journalists are going to receive leaks, it’s a constant. Journalists are always ready to pick up the phone. If he’s saying we have a real problem here with leaks, what we’re talking about, what’s unusual, is the Niagara of leaks coming out of this White House,” said Krauthammer.

He also said that the “leaks” must have been from somebody who was in the room, someone who took notes and then called the Times and read those notes. Hence, the problem develops from an inner circle of people who either lost faith or feel betrayed.

 “In other words, this is not NSA, FBI, enemies in the deep state trying to undermine the president because he’s an outsider. This is inside people,” stated Krauthammer, indicating the real problem.

Charles isn’t the only one who has indicated this problem, Jeb Bush had previously advised President Trump to fire disloyal people, because they are the ones responsible for the leaks.

Here is a video of Krauthammer defending President Donald Trump and ruining the traitors.

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