CNN Continues To Fall Behind Its Competition In Ratings, As The Top 10 Lists Shows

The slowly death of CNN continues after Anderson Coopers “poop” comments, their attack on a Navy SEAL, and their acquaintance with Kathy Griffin.

CNN continues to fall behind its competition in ratings, as the top 10 lists shows. On that list, the spots are held by either by Fox News or MSNBC personalities.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is on the top of that list for May and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is right behind him. Fox News have seven out of the top 10 shows, where MSNBC show are only three, “Maddow,” “The Last Word With Lawerence O’Donnell” and “All In with Chris Hayes.”

CNN constantly were bashing President Donald Trump, creating a split between the network and the White House. Trump has declared CNN as “fake news” and constantly reminds the American public of hos biased they are.

Mark Dice Slammed CNN, on Twitter:

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