CNN Exposed For Making “Fake News”

More and more CNN proves that they really are “fake news,” now they started to make up news to promote left agenda.

Mark Antro, London-based citizen journalist tweeted and revealed that CNN reporter Becky Anderson and her crew staged an anti-ISIS protest by Muslims day after the London Bridge terrorist attacks.

In the behind-the-scenes video, Anderson and her crew are telling the Muslim women where to stand and ho to hold their signs.

By watching the video, you may think this is a set of some movie production and not a news. News aren’t staged!

CNN did this video to push their agenda that most Muslims are against ISIS. The problem is that CNN and other media demonstrated this video as a “real news.”

Mark Antro said that BBC News tried to film all this but CNN shooed them down.

He also stated that the “director” replaced the white policemen with Arab-looking ones.

The Associated Press used this video to pass it like news.

A London TV viewer tweeted that he saw footage of the staged protest on a BBC broadcast later that day.

Mark Antro then posted on Twitter to let the people know that if he suddenly died (like Seth Rich) it wasn’t by his own.

CNN denied the protest was staged.

CNN media hack Brian Stelter also said that shouldn’t believe what we saw with our own eyes.

And of course, many people didn’t believe him.

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