Coins Found On Military Tombstones Have Very Important Meaning

Every Memorial Day, many war veterans and active duty servicemen and women visit the cemeteries to honor their fellow servicemen and women who fell in the line of duty.

After the Memorial Day you can find coins laying on tombstones. It’s very important that those coins stay there, because they are there for a certain reason.

Coins are left on tombstones as honor to the fallen soldier. They show the service member’s family that people came by to pay their respects.

Every coin is of a different meaning, and depending on the relationship between the service member and the person paying their respect the appropriate type is left on the grave. This coins gave comfort to the family when they see how many people visited their loved ones.

Penny means that some stopped by to pay their respects, nickels mean that the person leaving the coin was trained or in boot camp with the deceased. As the coins value goes up that means that the two of them had more close and deep relationship.

Dimes represent soldiers who served together and quarters mean that the person who left the coin was there when the deceased died.

This tradition began at the time of the Vietnam War, so that the people could let the family know they were there without disturbing them.

After few days, the coins are picked up by cemetery workers. And the money are used to pay for upkeep or burial costs of veterans.

Dave Taylor, a Vietnam War veteran, always goes to the cemetery, puts his uniform and honors the fallen service members by leaving coins. He stops to every grave and says a shot sentiment.

“It’s a story about life, about sacrifice, and about remembrance,” said Taylor. Next time you walk by tombstones with coins just remember this people gave their life for our country.

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