Critics Weren’t That Impressed With Megyn Kelly’s Show

Critics weren’t that impressed with Megyn Kelly’s show, Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly.

CNN’s Brian Lowry wrote that Kelly’s show did not live up to its expectations.

“Kelly maintained Sunday Night would distinguish itself by being ‘cutting edge’ and ‘a little irreverent.’ Those attributes, however, weren’t particularly evident in a premiere that looked like pretty much any conventional news magazine,” he said.

Verne Gay for Newsday wrote that even though Kelly entered the interview with Putin as a reporter who stands up to world leaders she did nothing to sustain that image.

“For her, the results were mixed. For Putin, the result was a slam dunk,” Gay said.

Gay said that Putin spoke easily without being challenged

“Not once did Kelly interject, not once did she tell him that what he was saying was a load of nonsense,” Gay said.

Lowry wrote that “Kelly’s centerpiece interview displayed some of the toughness that defined her at Fox” but that the interview was “theatrical enough but largely news-free.”

Other reviewers said that Kelly may asked the right questions, but the interview was dominated by Putin, not by Kelly.

“For Putin, it was child’s play as he displayed an elusive and ultimately dismissive demeanor toward Kelly,” said Lorraine Ali in the Los Angeles Times. “The interview, which was teased for weeks on NBC as a must-see exclusive, lasted less than 10 minutes. But that was just about enough time to confirm that she’s still not a great interviewer, and he’s still one of the most deceptive interview subjects around.”

“She tried to deliver something substantive in under 10 minutes, and it wound up making her coming-out party more of a fizzle than a bang,” Ali continued.

“There … wasn’t much of a sense why this show should exist, outside of providing a way to introduce NBC viewers to Kelly when 60 Minutes is mostly in summer reruns,” said Eric Deggans on NPR.

“The network is also developing a 9 a.m. show for Kelly to debut later this year. Presumably that will allow her to show a bit more personality and redefine herself outside of the Fox brand her fans know so well. Still, it was an oddly straightforward debut for a woman who was once considered the future of Fox News, now making a high-profile transition to rival NBC. She’ll need to make a more distinctive mark to define herself as a rising star in this new news universe,” Deggans continued.

May writers said that they expect to see in the future her trademark personality.

“Kelly is unabashed in her ambition to be Oprah Winfrey — not just in the sense that Winfrey was the defining media figure of her era but also in all of the self-help, nourishing-the-soul connotations. Splitting her persona in two — going light in the morning and hitting heavy at night — makes sense. But it’s evidently not easily done,” said Daniel D’Addario in Time.

“Sunday Night bears all the markings [sic] of a show that wants to be taken seriously. But the haste with which it seems to have been made hid all of Kelly’s most appealing qualities — the joy she brings to winning an argument, the recognition of what viewers want. If the show’s going to succeed, Kelly, a very particular sort of talent, is going to have to bring a bit more of her Fox act to the Peacock network.”

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