Deputy Learned That There Are Sill People Supporting The Police In An Incredible way

Because of the many shootings targeting police officers in this country these past few years, law enforcement officers are feeling tense and are wondering if Americans even support them.

WFTV-TV reported that one man in Florida showed his support in an amazing way to a sheriff’s deputy at a gas station back in 2016.

Lake County sheriff’s deputy David Causey was filling up his car when he saw an older man standing behind his car, watching the area intently. This happened a couple of days after the Dallas massacre, so obviously Causey was worried.

“I noticed this gentleman show up out of nowhere, standing behind my patrol car scanning the area (apparently better than I had been),” he posted on Facebook.

When Causey filled up his tank, he came up to the man and learned that the reason why he was standing there, to watch the officer’s back while he was preoccupied with filling up his car.

The elderly man said “Thank you sir for what you do. I have your back,” Causey posted. “I just kind of just stood there in shock, that an elderly man was willing to possibly put himself in danger to help me, a complete stranger.”

The man then left without revealing his identity. Causey later succeeded to get a photo of him,  and find out that the man was a 73-year-old Army veteran named Casey DeLoach.

Reportedly, DeLoach frequently looks after officers at gas stations since 2015 when Texas deputy Darren Goforth was murdered at one.

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