Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Is On The Decline.

Donald Trump’s approval rating has fallen down.

The results of the latest Gallup survey show that 36 % of the voters view the president’s accomplishments as favorably, and 59 percent disapprove what he has done.

This score isn’t the lowest, in March that percent dropped to 35%, anyhow is significantly lower that it was at the end of May when it was in the low forties.

Trump’s ratings are vividly different than Obama’s during his first year in the office. In this same time period, he had 60% of approval ratings. Obama’s ratings didn’t drop until September 2011, his second year.

Last week main interest supposed to be on administration’s plans to revamp the nation’s infrastructure, but most of the headlines that White House released were focused on fromer FBI director James Comey, who testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday. He stated that in his thought the reason for his ousted was the investigation into Russian meddling in the election.

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