Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Is Planing To Run For President 2020

Now since Donald Trump is the president and liberals can’t get over it, everyone thinks that they can become the President of America. Like the wrestler-turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who previously proposed running for office in 2020 as a joke, before making a more serious claim, while attacking the POTUS for choosing ‘noise’ over ‘poise.’

Anyhow, the whole nation was shocked when a campaign committee has been filed with the Federal Election Commission, “Run The Rock 2020,” again inciting rumors of Johnson presidency. Incite

Sunday Kenton Tilford from Wheeling, West Virginia, filed the forms, claiming he was just a “private citizen unaffiliated with Mr. Johnson.”

The actor was once registered as Republican, but since Trump became the President he announced his independent status. Democrats who support him started to make jokes about Trump saying that if Johnson won, he would be the second president with a wrestling career.

Unfortunately for Johnson, the real patriots of America won’t let such a terrible presidency happen.

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