The Fake News Media Didn’t Report The Real Reason On Why Melania Didn’t Hold Trump’s Hand

The unspeakable rumors started with a Detroit Free Press reporter writing on Tweeter that when President Donald Trump and Melania arrived in Tel Aviv, The First Lady “slaps away” her husband’s hand when he tried to hold hers.

Regardless of the repeated views of this video, it’s clear that the allegations made by the mainstream media are based on nothing. They have gone out of their way to make something from this even so far by calling into question the Trumps’ relationship. Here is the video so you can see it for yourselves:

The media has gone too far this time! Melania has done nothing else but support her husband. Before going on public and making these allegations maybe the mainstream media should do its research, at least that’s what journalism is.

In Israeli culture it is deemed impolite holding hands in public or PDA, the acceptable thing is going side by side. So if Melania is guilty of anything that is of respecting their culture. She is an incredible lady and doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.

Remember Melania has nudged Trump’s hand at the White House Easter Egg Roll when he got distracted and forgot to place his hand over his heart. Wives nudge husbands all the time for public things they should/ shouldn’t do. No big deal!

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