First Lady Melania Trump Officially Announced, Barron Will Be Attending A Private Episcopal School

Trump family id known for their desire for education and knowledge, they have always chosen the best institutions.

And now, Barron will follow the path of his big sister and brothers, and will be attending a private Episcopal school in Maryland this fall.

This news was out for quite some time, but this Monday the First Lady Melania Trump officially announced.

The announcement came as an answer to the many questions which surrounded the uncommon living arrangements of the family, and their busy schedule.

Since President Trump was inaugurated, Melania and Barron were staying at Trump Tower, because Barron was attending a school in New York, and President Trump said that they will be joining him in D.C. after Barron ends his school year this June.

According to Melania, the school is known for its diverse community and guarantee academic excellence, and the entire purpose of the school of St. Andrew is to know and motivate every child in an inclusive community devoted to exceptional teaching, learning and service.

The annual tuition for the school around $23,000 for pre-K and $40,000 for students ranging from grade 9-12. Barron will be sixth grade with a tuition cost of $38,590, but that is nothing compared to the knowledge and friends he will get in return while attending the school.

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