Our First Lady Shared A Romantic Picture Of Her Time In Italy With Donald

Our First Lady is stunning the whole world with amazing appearance, while she and president are on their first foreign trip since they took office. Even though the couple amazed everyone in every state, the hateful liberals still found a way to attack them, and this time was their relationship the target. But a recent tweet from the First Lady Melania will shup them up.

It was heart melting when Melania posted a romantic photograph of the two of them enjoying a stunning sunset from their balcony in Italy. This photograph is a truly magnificent.

Melania is wearing a remarkable high neck silver dress and equally sparkly shoes by Dolce & Gabanna, and named the photo, “Gorgeous evening #G7Taormina #Italy #Potus&Flotus

Melania and Donald attended a concert by the La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra at the ancient Greek Theatre of Taormina. Melania looked like a shining star when she arrived with Trump holding hands tight at the concert that was attended by other G-7 leaders.

By only on glance we can see that Melania and Trump have loving and respectful relationship, and no matter how hard the liberals are trying to undermine their relationship they proved them wrong.

Let’s spread this everywhere to show Americans that we have something to be proud of, Melania and Donald

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