Former President Barack Did Something Unspeakable

Former President Barack and Michelle Obama, “coincidentally” decided to spend some time in Italy the exact days President Trump was visiting Rome and Sicily for meetings with world leaders of the G7 summit.

The Obamas are not that naive as they want to be perceived, this was their last attempt to undermine President Trump and Melania hoping to get the media coverage away from them. The only thing that they receive was small amount of negative media attention for Michelle’s choice to wear a disrespectful outfit uncovering her shoulders while visiting Duomo di Siena Cathedral, known for its modest dress code.

Now, Barack Obama has been seen in Scotland, playing of golf at St. Andrews.


As reports are saying Barry will be speaking at charity event to a business leaders, which is selling out tickets for an apparent £5,000-a-head dinner, and later, he will be taking part in a Q&A at the event. Yesterday he had a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (the person responsible for the Europe immigrant crisis), and they latter indirectly criticized President Trump and his decision to build a wall.

When President Trump is trying to fix the mistakes Obama made, Obama is giving speeches and participating in shady business affairs.

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