George Clooney Got Taste Of His Own Medicine

Millionaire George Clooney and his Muslim wife, Amal, have called for U.S. reject Trump’s travel ban and take more refugees. Anyhow, just after his latest campaign for unvettable migrants, the Clooneys just got a dose of reality.

After years of fighting for Muslim asylum seekers to be relocated in the West, George and Amal are moving from their England home back to the U.S. because of increased security concerns caused by Islamic terrorist attacks by Muslim migrants in the UK.

According to Breitbart, after becoming a father to twins, Clooney the immigration activist said that his $25.7-million home in Sonning was too much of a safety risk for his family. And the Clooneys have left their British home for a mansion in Studio City, California.

Even though they were living in the area away from major cities, Clooneys still felt that the UK is not a safe place to raise a family. After seeing their immigration demands come true the Clooneys realized that they were asking for the wrong thing.

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