Global Warming Study Canceled Because Of Too Much Ice In The Arctic

The mission created to obtain evidence of global warming and “climate change” in the Arctic was canceled last month because of one humiliating thing: There was so much ice in the Arctic that the icebreaker they planned to use was needed elsewhere.

The reality of the situation affected the plans for the research vessel Amundsen, which can be transmitted by the Canadian Coast Guard if its icebreaking capabilities are needed to clear paths for fishing boats or supply vessels, such as oil tanker.

“The Science Team of the Canadian Research Icebreaker CCGS Amundsen has canceled the first leg of the 2017 Expedition due to complications associated with the southward motion of hazardous Arctic sea ice,” Science Daily reported.

And the Amundsen is not a small ship. “It’s the second most powerful icebreaker in the country and we had trouble getting through the sea ice,” David Barber, an Arctic research expert, stated for Free Press.

The expedition was not cheap, either. “Timing was key for this $17 million, four-year, University of Manitoba-led project,” Science Daily said. “The need to deal with extreme ice conditions in the south meant the ship would arrive too late on site to meet research objectives.”

Scientists concluding this mission said that they did not expect the heavy ice to be present.

“It became clear to me very quickly that these weren’t just heavy ice conditions, these were unprecedented ice conditions,” Dr. David Barber, the lead scientist on the study, told Vice Magazine.

“We were finding thick multi-year sea ice floes which on level ice were five meters thick … it was much, much thicker and much, much heavier than anything you would expect at that latitude and at that time of year,” added.

So, scientists were surprised when the true ice condition was different than their predictions, which happened only few months ago, and they say they are certain in their predictions about the climate 100 years from now.

“There was the Ship of Fools expedition in which an Australian climate researcher called Chris Turkey had to call an expedition to the melting Antarctic after his ship got stuck in the ice,” said James Delingpole, a Breitbart News contributor.

“The Caitlin Expedition – supported by the Prince of Wales – in which Pen Haddow and his team had to abandon their trip to the North Pole because it was colder than they’d expected,” he stated.

“Most recently there was Ship of Fools II, in which a global warming research voyage by David Hempleman Adams had to be curtailed because of unexpected ice.”

The problem is that the people make these theories, and as we all know they can be wrong, and the people see the scientist not as an ongoing process, but as a religion, an absolute truth.

And if the science is properly advancing, then theories and explanations must frequently be wrong. To prove one theory you must exclude another.

It is helpful to be skeptics when someone is dealing with these kinds of theories, and challenging questions are often welcomed so that the science can expand.

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