Health-Care Activists Plan to Make 4th Of July A Living Hell

Recently was discovered that in order to ensure he still has the power even after his presidency, Obama was secretly channeling billions of dollars to radical anti-Trump groups who are now serving him. Now when his health-care plan has been compromised, he threatened to make Independence Day a living unbearable Republicans.

And now these minions of his have begun developing, and every American can see the rise in anti-Trump groups like MoveOn, Antifa, Our Revolution, Indivisible, CREDO and others, making up Obama’s liberal “resistance movements” that are now doing everything in their power to collect more and more people to cause chaos, and demoralize President Trump, all with one goal to impeach him.

Now revolted by Trump’s decision to end Obamacare, he has organized his minions to cause chaos. To revenge for his dead “legacy” Obamacare, he and his liberal friends are now planning to make “Independence Day a living hell for Republicans, in an anti-American move that will leave you speechless.”

And now as the national holiday is right around the corner, these political organizations have announced that they are planning to continue with their ‘peaceful’ protests at local Republican senators’ offices, with phone calls and they will even appear at local Independence Day parade.

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