ISIS Fighter Detonated Himself In Front Of Iraqi Soldiers [VIDEO]

An Islamic State fighter blow himself up feet away from journalists embedded with Iraqi soldiers, sending pieces of his body flying in all across the horizon.

The bombing took place near Hammam al-Alil, a town just south of Mosul, Iraq. Footage of the incident shows what appears to be Iraqi federal police with a TV crew, closing in on the ISIS fighter. The fighter detonated himself right before the police can get to him, sending his body parts across the field. The shots taken from the video show the bomber’s head flying off in the distance.

The curator of the Iraqi Day twitter account told The Daily Caller News Foundation that Kurdistan’s Rudaw TV broadcast the footage live. The crew of the reporters caught in the blast is unclear.

The video shows a hole where the ISIS fighter blow up his bomb and his body parts scatter across the area. The journalists and Iraqi authorities were not wounded, according to Iraqi Day, an Iraqi news twitter account.

WARNING: the content is extremely graphic.

Iraq Security Forces (ISF) is in the middle of retaking west Mosul from remaining ISIS forces. Progress has been restrained due to the terrorist group’s use of suicide bombers, snipers and guerrilla tactics. The damaged streets and bombed-out buildings have forced the ISF to clear the city house-by-house and street-by-street.

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