Israeli Prime Minister’s son, Yair Netanyahu: ‘I Can Relate A Lot To What Barron’s Going Through’

While President Trump and Melania were on their first visit to Israel since his inauguration, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister’s son, Yair Netanyahu, made a huge announcement. Yair told the First Lady Melania that he understands what Barron Trump is going through, as a son of the President, right now.

Suffering ‘only makes you stronger’ was the marvelous respond that The First Lady offered him.

Few moments after they met, the 25 year old Yair said to the Trumps ‘I’m a big fan of both of you.’ He also said to our stunning First Lady that his mother, Sara Netanyahu ‘talks about you all the time.’

Yair quickly opened and empathized with little Barron and his difficult situation as a First Son in America.

‘You know, I can relate a lot to what Barron’s going through because I’ve been his age in my dad’s first term,’ he said.

President Donald Trump then said, ‘And look how he turns out,paying him a compliment.

 ‘It only makes you stronger. It makes you stronger,’ Melania Trum advised him.

Sara Netanyahu then added: You know, immediately after your election he said to me, ‘I feel the burn. Because he’s a child [and] doesn’t have any tools or ability to fight them,’ she said.  

Netanyahu’s son also said that he was humiliated and the media were doing satires on him when he was only three years old as well.

As the conversation was going, the Israeli Prime Minister came close and said ‘They are waiting for us outside, so I’ll give you a 60-seconds tour,’ and then they went to the formal press conference.

Yair Netanyahu struggled with the same terror and media attack as Barron Trump, but as the senior official say now, he is becoming “the strongest person in the country,” as he already is a strong voice in his father’s administration.

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