Ivanka Trump Shares Her Excitement About Theodore First Steps

The daughter of President Trump, Ivanka Trump in a video that she posted on Twitter showed the first steps that her son Theodore made on Wednesday.

Theodore took the first steps in his home in D.C., pitter-pattering across the carpet as we can see on the truly heart melting Twitter video, while his mother is there to support and encourage him.

 ‘Big night for baby Theodore. He took his first steps!’ proudly announced Ivanka in her Twitter caption.

As we can hear on the video, Theo laughs while his mother encourages and persuades him to go on with words ‘Come on, come on.’ Than the First Daughter of U.S. spread her hands towards him and waits for baby Theo as he slowly takes a few steps.

On February 27 the youngest member of Trump family celebrated his first birthday, and now he is making his first steps before he falls to the ground. Than Ivanka gently pick him up, before expressing her excitement and happiness due to his first steps. He courageously took few more steps, before falling again.

This is just another heartwarming video that follows the one made back in January, when Theo crawled for the first time in the White House.

His mother picked him up again, and didn’t forget to support him saying: ‘You can do it, walk to mom. Hold it, okay,’ she says.

It is easy to notice Ivanka’s joy and excitement as he walks from the living room into another room. And her joy is also recognized by the people who gave more than 20,000 likes and re-tweeted it more than 2,000 times, making this video the most heartwarming ones that we’ve seen this far.

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