Jamie Dimon: I Support Trump out of a sense of patriotic duty.

Jamie Dimon told the unfriendly crowd of shareholders on Tuesday that his support for President Donald Trump is based on a sense of patriotic duty.

Jamie Dimon: “I’ll Help Trump Because I’m a Patriot”

“He is the president of the United States, he is the pilot flying the airplane. I’d try to help any president of the US because I’m a patriot. That does not mean I agree with every policy he is trying to implement,” the head and chief executive of J.P. Morgan Chase stated at the bank’s annual meeting Tuesday in Wilmington, Delaware.

“When you get on the airplane, you better be rooting for the success of the pilot,” Dimon stated at a townhall event hosted by Yahoo Finance in April.

Many shareholders called on Dimon to publicly disclame Trump and his policies, on thing in particularly Trump’s immigration stance. Dimon respectively listened to few speeches from shareholders before he responded.

Dimon said that he supported the Trump’s plans to reform the corporate tax system. “Our corporate tax system is driving capital and brains overseas and excessive regulation is reducing growth and business formation particularly for small businesses,” he stated.

He made a comment on the bank regulation, saying that some of the rules put in place after the financial crisis went too far and should be pulled back.

“We are not looking to throw out the entirety of Dodd-Frank or other rules. It is, however, appropriate to open up the rulebook in the light of day and rework the rules and regulations that don’t work well or are unnecessary,” Dimon said.

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