Jennifer Lopez Speech At The Grammys Left The Public Shocked

Very frequently we want to remind you on the double standards and hypocrisy of the liberal elites and the celebrities who are unable to deal with the pressure from their masters. Their commands are simple- hate Donald Trump and ensure that everybody hates him too.

The liberal celebrities from Hollywood are frequently asked by the top liberal elitists to use their fame to influence and demean President Donald Trump. But they are hypocrites as well.

Jennifer Lopez and her fellows stated that it’s nice opportunity for Omar Navarro and the young Latino-Americans in Los Angeles to become Congressman and represent the state and the counties in D.C.

The bigger part of the Latinos in LA are Trump supporters. Those people are legally here who met the visa requirements and have the same rights like every other American.

The immigration beautifies our country and it’s a part of our history, but there is a difference between legal immigration and illegal.

Back to the topic. The celebrities from Hollywood are only spreading hate. They are not really concerned with what’s actually happening to the common people, they simply following the “mainstream rules”. The mainstream media celebrities became just pawns in the hands of the gigantic corporations.

Just look what hypocrite liberal Jennifer Lopez said at this year’s Grammys and the analysis will leave you impressed: Poor Jay-L all these people applauding you in the audience are ones who don’t believe a single word you say. And that is because they are getting paid to say stupid stuff against the president, just like you.

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