JFK Surgeon Claims Assassinated President Was Shot Twice

A drawing of John F. Kennedy’s wounds, drawn by one of the surgeons who operated on him, is now up for auction.

Dr. Robert McClelland’s illustration contradicts the official statement that the authorities have presented to the people. McClelland, who had Kennedy’s head after the president was killed, says that there was another gunshot wound in the president’s head.

On the drawing, you can see two pairs of entry and exit wounds that McClelland discovered. The illustration is up for auction via the Nate D. Sanders auction house, and the bidding starts at $2,500, and ends Thursday night.

McClelland drew a side view of Kennedy’s head showing the by-five-inch exit wound toward the rear. But, it also shows another small entrance wound on the lower part of Kennedy’s neck, which McClelland claimed that he saw with his own eyes.

The official statement from the investigators claims that Lee Harvey Oswald, who was stationed at a sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository, shot Kennedy from behind.

“The first bullet hit him in the back, not in the front as we thought at the time,” McClelland stated for the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“Several seconds later, the second shot hits him and his head literally explodes, and he was thrown violently backward and to the left, as you would expect someone hit by a high-caliber bullet from the front, not from above and behind.”

McClelland said that the second shot “would have had to come in from the picket fence on the grassy knoll, in my view of it.”

McClelland stated that he believes there were two shooters, not one.

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