JFK’s Grandson Will Present Obama With Profile In Courage Award

Jack Schlossberg the only grandson of John F. Kennedy is promoting the Profile in Courage Award ceremony in Boston on which former President Barack Obama will receive the prize.

Friday on NBC’s Today as guests were Schlossberg and his mother former Japanese Ambassador Caroline Kennedy and father exhibit designer Edwin Schlossberg.

The JFK Presidential Library gives the Profile in Courage Award to public figures who mirrors the courage described in Kennedy’s book, Profiles in Courage.

Schlossberg, 24, was a one of the members of the committee who voted for Obama to be this year’s recipient of the award. He said he was “inspired by Obama’s vision for America and all the promises he laid out for our country” during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Schlossberg and his mother are going to present Obama with the award Sunday for his achievements, Obamacare, restoring diplomatic ties with Cuba, and his efforts to combat global climate change.

“This award recognizes that he made tough choices over the last eight years to execute on a vision, to give people health care, to get serious about climate change, and to reach out to international partners and really improve America’s standing in the world,” Schlossberg said Friday.

“That takes political courage,” he continued.

JFK’s grandson criticized President Donald Trump by saying:

“I think we’re seeing today that it’s pretty easy to criticize without offering solutions,” Schlossberg said. “President Obama did not do that. He had the courage to govern responsibly.”

Schlossberg graduated from Yale University in 2015 and is going to Harvard Law School now.

Caroline Kennedy, stated that she was “thrilled” by the choice to give the 2017 Profile in Courage award to Obama.

“There are many kinds of courage that [Obama] demonstrated,” she said.

Caroline Kennedy was the ambassador to Japan during Obama’s second term. But now there are speculations that she has plans to run for political office. For now she refuses to comment about her future ambitions.

“I will support my mother in anything she does. That’s her decision and I’ll leave it at that,” Schlossberg said.

When he was asked if he would follow in the footsteps of his father and enter politics, he said: “I’m inspired by my family’s legacy of public service. It’s something I’m very proud of,”  “Stay tuned. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

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