Kathy Griffin Is Facing Jail Time

As we know Kathy Griffin made a video in which she was holding Trumps bloody head. She thought that this was a funny video but she received a different reaction from the public.

Today she was walking around Central Park wearing a Trump Halloween mask covered in blood, the visitors at the park felt very disturbed by Griffin’s appearance and she is now facing prison.

Kathy is no facing different type of trouble following her latest appearance in Central Park, this her need of attention got her in jail in New York City.

She appeared from Waldorf Astoria and started walking into Central Park wearing a cover Trump Halloween mask. The people there were so disturbed that one of them got ill and vomited and the other ran away from the scene.
Kathy apparently stood there surprised by the reaction and said: “What…too soon?”

So, the police dragged her out of there for disturbing the peace of others, and she now is facing 3 nights in jail and $500 fine.

We need to boycott Kathy Griffin! To say out loud we don’t want to see her anymore.

Griffin cat understands that with this behavior she is making a death threats to Trump our President.

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