Laura Ingraham Could Be The New Press Secretary

Many things are happening in the White House right now and all because of President Trump. He is working nonstop to fulfill his promises he made during the campaign. And so far, he is doing a great job, with liberal constantly obstructing him. They are doing everything in their power to destroy him and his administration.

There are major changes coming forward and this could go either way, good or bad. As we know White House Press secretary Sean Spicer is leaving and will be taking a new position, and as speculated he is going up in the WH.

Many different reports show that his replacement will be Laura Ingraham. She was known to have gotten security clearance a while back which points to the idea of her as being the next White House Press Secretary.

If Ingraham becomes Press Secretary we all are sure that she will do a fantastic job. Liberals are going to try to bring down anyone Trump chooses so this person needs to be ready to back him up, someone trusted.

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