Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Stated Something That Saved Trump From Impeachment

Alan Dershowitz is one of the best lawyers in the United States and there are just few others that can measure up to him. And now he came forward about Trump firing James Comey and has only one thing to say: Trump is innocent.

Dershowitz was seriously bothered by the fact that all liberal, even his fellow Harvard professors, are trying to make up reasons why Trump firing Comey was a impeachable offense.

Dershowitz wrote:

The President of the United States can legally fire the head of the FBI for any and all reasons.

Alan Dershowitz is a Conservative but that doesn’t mean that he was defending President Trump’s reasoning or anything. He only pointed out that even if Donald Trump fired Comey with bad intentions, the law was never broken.

 “Even assuming that Trump was improperly motivated in firing Comey, motive alone should never constitute a crime. There should have to be an unlawful act. And exercising constitutional and statutory power should not constitute the actus reus of a crime.”

If no laws were broken than the Democrats have no grounds to impeach Trump. Despite of what others are saying the fact is that no laws were broken.

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