Levin Makes A Stunning Statement Concerning O’Reilly

Mark Levin- conservative radio host and commentator, acknowledged his sheer disdain for the ex-top-rated entertainer of cable news – Bill O’Reilly, after he got fired because of accusations of sexual harassment, which was proclaimed on Wednesday.

“As those of you who are long time listeners to this program know, I was no fan of Bill O’Reilly. In fact … we despised each other,” Levin said.

“One of the reasons is because of this conduct in the past,” he added, referring to the sexual harassment history accusations against O’Reilly.

Levin considers that some of the accusations against O’Reilly may have been pointless, others were clearly not.

“Let me be quite clear about this as an attorney. There are allegations and then there are allegations. Some are more meritorious than others,” Levin said. “When people have actual tape recordings of you and you cut a deal, in part, to get the tape recordings back, that’s pretty bad. If somebody says you looked funny at them while they were sitting outside your office for several years, that’s pretty preposterous.”

Levin placed some of the responsibility concerning the persistent controversy surrounding O’Reilly on Fox News for the.
Saying “There’s enough there, a pattern with the guy that it’s quite obvious he has some issues.” “Now the point is, Fox News Channel, knowing at least most of this, re-upped him for $15 million to $20 million a year.”

Whereas not excusing O’Reilly behavior, Levin believes that members of the left made O’Reilly the target of coordinated efforts, because was much easier than pursuing allegations against their own.

“He became a target of the New York Times all of a sudden. He became a target of CNN. Media Matters went to work. Gabriel Sherman of New York Magazine went to work,” Levin prefaced.

“I’m certainly not going to defend Bill O’Reilly, but I will say this: The left works as a cabal,” Levin said. “They target people and they try to take them out. Not just somebody like O’Reilly, but they try to target good people sometimes and take them out.”

Levin stated that history confirms his point.

“I hearken back to the Bill Clinton years,” he said. “The New York Times, CNN, all the rest of them, were very dismissive of the allegations against Bill Clinton, including an allegation by Juanita Broaddrick of rape. I don’t think O’Reilly’s been accused of rape, has he?”

Although agreeing to settle with some of the women who accused him of sexual harassing them in the past, O’Reilly has categorically dismissed the allegations and released a statement Wednesday after Fox announced the termination of his contract.

“It is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. But that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today,” O’Reilly said.

The Fox News one of the original personalities O’Reilly, said he is satisfied with his accomplished at the network.

“I will always look back on my time at Fox with great pride in the unprecedented success we achieved and with my deepest gratitude to all my dedicated viewers. I wish only the best for Fox News Channel,” O’Reil.

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  1. I believe this is a setup by Fox and the left. Fox wanting to foolishly rebrand their network toward the middle of the road ( the beginning of the end) and the left wanting to silence anyone that disagrees with them. SAD!

  2. I think they are preposterous! Bring Bill back NOW no matter what you have to do while you still have viewers!

  3. Love bill oreily .. been watching him for 20 yrs, we will miss him very much.. super nice guy.. not going to watch fox again..

  4. I choose not to buy into all the allegations thrown at Bill! He has done such good work with his charitable endeavors! If he ruffles feathers along the way….have you considered jealousy as a factor in all of this! No one is perfect, I have experienced some real nasty co workers and bosses in my 79 years! It’s not a perfect world and whinnying about it won’t make it better! Every job I had, could have been made better by one person or the other leaving! So I learned and moved on myself! Just like most people do! These complainers should ….either speak up and fix the issue or move on! It’s not nice in the work place! This is what our kids have to learn.

  5. I think Fox News has done a number in their own mess kit. O’Reilly is the goose that has been laying the golden egg. And yes, when one gains notoriety in this country they become a target. Ours is a preeditory society. It’s all very

  6. I have been watching Bill for years and he has always been a little pompous and pushy. But I have noticed that in the last couple of years he has become even more so. He interrupts so much it has been almost impossible to hear the actual opinion of the person he is interviewing. He definitely is annoying. BUT… I think most of these charges of harassment are fabricated by the left. Some women need to just “get over it.! There are some women who think they deserve to be treated like ladies, but don’t act like ladies. Sorry for losing Bill, but maybe it is time for him to move on.

  7. The women on Fox are asking for advances by the way they dress and
    flaunt their self. They all but show their butt so don’t blame the guys so
    much. Today ever thing is about money.

    • You got that right some look more like hooked than news commentators. They should dress like the men shirt tie and slacks

  8. The left wanted him off the news cause he gave the true and fair balanced news. The son’s of the fox news owner who are running it now are liberals and they are destroying what their father built. I wish that all the people that were let go by Fox started their own news channel

  9. I certainly agreed with Bill on 95% of his comments, but found him too often showing videos of scarcely dressed women with comments not to my liking. He seemed to take delight in things like this. But I will always be grateful for his honesty in his conservative feelings of our government and saying what so many of us have felt for a long time. We owe him and Rush Limbaugh many thanks!!!
    In a way, this letting him go, should be a wake up call to us all! This country was not only heading further and further away from our constitution because of Obama and the liberals, but was and and continues down the road of morals gone amuck!!! We are all being watched, especially those that are seen on the news daily. It’s not enough anymore that God watches what we do and say, some high ups in this world feel they can do anything and get away with it. NO MORE! So whether this is a great kill from the liberals, it truly doesn’t matter, so get ready, we’re also got you in our close up view! It’s time for this country to stand on good moral, put God FIRST, country and family in that order! When God is first… all falls into place with blessings! God Bless America!

    • I am shocked and angry. When the liberals go after someone (because he had that much influence with the people) they win. He was the only media source that we could trust with the truth. When the AP reports that the attacker in Fresco, CA was not a terrorist and that he said “God is good”, when in fact he actually said “Allahu Akbar”, where do “we the people” turn for news now that isn’t propaganda? (Hitler would have had no traction at all had it not been for the media.) If I knew which companies threatened to pull their sponsorship of Bill’s show I would start a boycott! Please, someone start a “real” news network, because Fox News Network if bowing to pressure of the liberals. I guarantee it would be a success!

  10. First we should look at all them behind the scene of Fox network who have been involved in sexual harassment however not front runners. As for CNN, MSNBC, or other networks, they are nothing more then toilet trash. I am in hopes that someday in the near future a couple new news networks are formed exactly like Fox news. Although I hope they stick to True news and treat all parties involved fairly. Fox has failed tremendously in the past year, year and a half. The only honest reporter left his Hannity. If only someone will come along now and form a new broadcast news company and take Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity, True news reporting will be back in business BIG TIME. Who knows, maybe President Trump and his Family will form a news broadcasting company. And make America great again.

  11. The left will try to ridicule and destroy anyone that disagrees with them. This reminds me of the 70s. I was a straight arrow and in college drugs were everywhere. Open marriage, sex with anyone, and communes were all wonderful, according to Hollywood and the liberals. I was harassed by liberals. They called me names and assaulted me because I refused to participate in group sex. I was a sicko, according to them. I was chastised for refusing to join a wife swapping club. Today, because I refused to join their sick liberal thinking, I am successful, healthy, happy and in a long term lasting relationship. All of them are miserable or dead from there liberal actions. I stood up to the liberals. Yes, they tried to make my life a living hell, but I stuck with my conservative beliefs and it did pay off. They are trying to destroy Christians, the Constitution, and American greatness. For what, a dictatorship run by the liberals. Do not let them do this any more. Stand strong together. Unite and destroy Isis. Secure our borders, procecute the IRS and all those that broke the law and abused their power.

  12. Well, I will try to refrain from my original thoughts. To Fox News channel, glad megan left!.. Carson is a good watch, sometimes there is so much arguing that it is hard to hear what is really being said, although, I am glad that Carson exposes the lies and sticks to his guns and the truth. Now Hannity, I have always loved his show..period! Now Mr. O’Reilly, I always loved his show too, I have watched Fox everyday..It was the only news channel I trusted..I can’t believe after all this time you would treat Mr. O’Reilly ìn such an unfair way. Is there dependable, honest proof? Are these ladies being truthful or are they wanting their 15 minutes of fame..funny how all those woman came forward concerning President Trump, just at the right time, one was actually reading her information from a paper..Where are they now? The Fox News channel was on my TV and my mother’s almost 24 hrs a day! I can promise you it will not be anymore, sorry morning crew, Carson, Hannity, Martha and Judge J. you will be missed! Mr. O’Reilly was in your face and truthful. He stood up for what he believed and is very educated, we trusted him! The word for the day is: Subjudice. Here’s an idea, Mr. O’Reilly if you are reading this, start your own News Network, you can hire everyone that’s good from Fox, because it’s probably only a matter of time before they let them go to! Hope Watters is OK.

  13. I like listening to Bill O’Reilly. He is honest and unafraid to tell the truth as he sees it. I don’t know the details of the sexual allegations that were made against him. O’Reilly is old school and many of the men from his generation said and did things in the past that would offend feminists of today. Time moves on and I’m sure he has learned a thing or two. To bring up these allegations now seems like another political ploy from liberal democrats to discredit and bring down any conservative speaker or politician. Meanwhile, Democratic Bill Clinton’s rape accusations, which is a much more serious sexual charge, were swept under the rug.

  14. I only know the “on the air” O’Rielly, so I cannot defend or support the allegations. However, a true “fair and balanced” approach to true news has been lost. Should the youngest Murdock son have his way and move the network into a more centrist situation they will lose their ratings faster than they will believe.

    I suspect Bill will be just fine. I will miss his show.

  15. Fox has lost my viewing. Tired of them succumbing to the liberal media on mostly hyperbole. Your owners are turning Fox into a liberal news station now. Congratulations. You’ve ruined another great and successful news person and show.

  16. Dont really know about the allegations .Just what I read AND we all know, that could be a mistake. The left,I AM SURE had something to do with this .He was a Trump supporter but really NOT full throttle. Criticized Trump often .All I realize, if you re in the limelight be ready for any allegations TRUE OR FALSE.The left has destroyed many Conservatives, Many falsely!!! and stations like CNN, MSNBC have themselves been subject to AND settled many LIBELOUS,OUTRAGEOUS claims. AND the Conservative wing is NO BETTER! ALL that being said,am getting a bit worried!!! I did fondle a few gals with NO malice in mind BUT that was in the early EIGHTIES! MAYBE there is a statute of limitations for LOVING,FONDLING!!!!

  17. I will watching BILL every nite have been for a very long time i am 85 and i feel he was the only one telling the truth with the world like it is It was very reassuring to listen to the truth I feel this was a put up job to get rid of him especialey do it while on vac .so unfair. I wish him all the luck and hope to see him again on T V maybe his own program would be nice .

  18. It is unfortunate that O’Reilly got canned. I think he was perhaps the strongest defender of conservatism in our country through cable tv., except for, maybe Sean Hannity. Hope Sean’s nose is clean! The left has jumped on this thing like a bunch of sharks. They are in frenzy mode ! If they can get O’Reilly shot down and silenced, don’t you know they would LOVE to shut up Hannity. Who after that! Rush?
    Propaganda media supported by rich communists IN OUR COUNTRY are on the move to completely brainwash America! Bill’s been messing around for YEARS!! This wasn’t about morals. It was all about money, power, and control of our socialist comrades ….

  19. Those who condemn Bill O rellly are the one with skeletons in the closet. As God say throw the first stone if you are free of sin. Fox make a very huge mistake. He was the voice of that network. I will no longer will watch fox.

  20. This is clearly the left coming after the right. It’s not about fair news or true/fake news or any news anymore it is simply a matter of who can we take down who don’t agree with our views. I hope they realize that they are just adding fuel to the rights fire. The more you do in a attempt to move toward the left we will push back ten fold. Let’s call the kettle black here. You no longer can call yourselves journalist, senators, congressman, activist, citizens what you can call yourselves are anarchist.

  21. If Bill is guilty of these things, shame on him. If he isn’t,shame on Fox for taking someone’s word over his.

  22. just remember one thing, audio, and video tapes, can be faked by experts in the field, just like they tried to do with trump.

  23. I enjoyed the show because of its honesty. Now I have no where to go. I’m getting tired of all these sex scandals. Why can’t the world act like humans and get their mind out of the gutter.

  24. I enjoyed the show because of its honesty. Now I have no where to go. I’m getting tired of all these sex scandals. Why can’t the world act like humans and get their mind out of the gutter.

  25. This all came about because he supported Trump. I think, next, they are going after Sean Hannity and a few more Trump people at Fox, and then they are going after Fox News Channel itself. Their main goal being to get rid of the only conservative news outlet there is!!!

  26. Since when do we find a person guilty by allegations? Where is the proof? Fox made a very bad decision. I will never watch the network again. Sad to see them going over to the left. I’m sure fake news will soon be spewing out of them as well. Sad day.

  27. Bill O’Reilly is Fox News!!!! In my opinion, The democrats are bound & determined to destroy America & make our country socialized one. Muslims will take over & Sharia law is their goal!! Power & money is what they want & they will do anything to get it!!!! Shame on you Fox for giving in!!!!!

  28. Makes me sick that the LEFT media won in having Bill removed from FOX (he puts them all to shame). He will do fine no matter what he does but we won’t. I’ve looked forward to his program every night! He will be missed!!! I pray CNN & all the FAKE NEWS stations go Under one of these days – will serve them right!!

  29. He settled the past and fox knew about it. I don’t always agree with O’Reilly however it seems suspicious that women are constantly crying sexual harassment on people who are wealthy and in the spotlight. Is this what women have become? So bitter and full of hate that your willing to wreck someone’s livelihood? It isn’t right.

  30. My husband and I have watched Mr. O’Reilly for a long time because he has always been fair and balanced on his show. He’s the reason we only watch Fox News. CNN, MSNBC and all the others are a joke. Fox needs to get their act together and not let the liberals dominate them.

  31. George Soros and his minions as well as women who were willing to be bought, have brought down one of two great spokesmen for the conservative movement. Bill O Rielly and Rush Limbaugh, have awakened many to how communist leaning progressives and the Media have slowly eaten away our freedoms. It will get worse as they will also bring down our president. What is happening to America?

  32. I’m about as sick of the left and all liberal news reporting as you can get. I’ve never in my life seen more immoral people that have lied so much they now don’t even know what the truth is. I believe with all my heart that the media and all democrats will get what is coming to them. My opinion is worth nothing and will carry no weight with them. I just hope I live long enough to see it.

  33. This whole thing just makes me sick. I know there are women who can and do use their feminine wiles to entrap unwary men. I was truly shocked when Bill Cosby was outed and now when Bill O’Reilly is under the gun. I really thought he was to smart to get entrapped in this sort of sordid stuff. Apparently there is no man immune to pride, selfishness, all that stuff. I am truly heart sick at this realization and I am 70 yrs. old, not a spring chicken to be easily deceived, but I am now truly dismayed at the ignorance of men.

  34. O’Reilly is overrated. His show is all about him and little else. He is rude and pompous. I don’t need him “looking out for” me.


  36. Mr. O’Rielly was the best. No one will ever be able to hold the viewing audience attention like him. I’m very disappointed in Fox that they did not keep him on. His firing has upset my entire family and friends it appears Fox is now leaning toward liberalism . This is very sad.

  37. It seems to me that the women on Fox dress so inappropriately so as to draw these kinds of things. I’m not condoning men who act on them but watching a show with some in dresses so short you can see up them, or so low cut there’s no need for imagination, I can’t help but wonder what they are thinking. Advertising? What has happened to business attire? Is it just men that that applies to?

  38. Too many women wanted to be Mrs. Bill O’Reilly and when they got turned down, they used pay backs. POOR BABIES.
    Hope they feel good about themselves.

  39. This is not about the left. It is about an indiscretion of Bill. I see the Fox men say inappropriate things to the women on live TV. Talking about how short their skirt is inappropriate. Especially when they are required to wear such clothes. I have always had respect for Bill. But if this is true he needs some therapy on how to cherish women.

  40. Fox News…..the cowardly network who has succumbed to Politically Correct of the Hysterical Left. Goodby and good luck you Fox News “S–m B-G” per the faithfull words of Maxine Waters

  41. Bill O’Reilly is getting a bum rap I think. He is smarter than all the Murdock’s and the daughters-law. Poor business decision and I do hope Fox tanks. This has been the only station I have watched in 10 years since I became interested in politics. O’Reilly, Hannity, and Tucker make up a huge amount of the viewers. I wish they would start a new station. So mad!

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