Lisa Bloom Is Threatening Jesse Watters

The end of the sabotages against the conservative media personalities by the liberals has come.

The reason for this is that the conservative political commentators on media networks like Fox News are not afraid to expose the darkest secrets and agendas of the Democratic Party.

Following the success they had with former host Bill O’Reilly, now they are targeting Fox News Jesse Watters.

The exact same people who got O’Reilly fired are now threatening Watters too; lawyer Lisa Bloom is one of them.

The Truth Division reported:

Lisa Bloom accused Jesse Watters of trying to demean women, referring to a hand gesture he made on “The Five” when he talked about Ivanka Trump, impersonating how she was holding up the microphone to her mouth during her speech in Germany. Waters said that he likes the way Ivanka was talking into the microphone.

However, at the end of the day the liberals will trust what they want to trust and will continue to say that the statement was improper and contained powerful sexual message.

This only proofs that liberals possess double standards. For instance when the famous Democrat lawmaker Cedric Richmond commented about Kellyanne Conway “looking familiar on her knees”, nobody attacked him including Bloom. But if the focus is on conservative, than anybody go insane with their comments.

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