Londoners Chant Donald Trump’s Name, After The Terrorism Attack

Terrorism is a global issue, and President Trump has the perfect solution for this problem, but we can’t say the same thing for the London major.

Trump worked so hard on creating his travel ban, but courts denied his aim to keep terrorist away. It seems that Democrats would welcome ISIS terrorist in our country to attack on our people. They opposed Trump in his solution to prevent terrorism, even Obama and his people funded terrorists.

Trump still works very hard to solve this problem, and believes that the travel ban may soon become real. World leaders are supposed to support the President and even help him in this fight. This problem is real and affects us all.

Anyhow, some leaders are not interested in keeping the world safe, and even believe that terrorism is a way of living, they claim that we should find a way to live with it. That someone is London Major Sadiq Khan.

Evidence emerged that Khan has tight connections to the terrorist networks in the Middle East. Maybe this is an explanation for his actions.

Khan never worked on preventing or stopping the terrorism in his country and the aftermath of that are lost innocent lives. Londoners are mad now, and are calling Trump’s name instead of his. Khan was never the leader that the city needed, and he should be aware that the people don’t respect him.

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