Marco Rubio Reveals What It’s Like To Work With Trump

President Trump and the other Republican candidates had brutal debates, during the Republican primary. They exchanged personal attacks and fought all the time.

Even though some Republicans were unwilling to stand by Trump side, several former competitors decided to join him, like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

During the primary Rubio even called Trump a con artist, and Trump also offended Rubio. But now in an interview for Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Rubio said that everything is fine between the two of them and that “Trump’s success is America’s success.”

“Why the change from your standpoint?” Bartiromo asked. “Has President Trump done something beyond this that has changed your relationship with him?”

“I just think this whole relationship thing is overblown,” Rubio said. “It’s like asking two boxers, ‘Are you mad that he punched you in the face in the ring and is he mad that you punched him back?’

“When you’re competitors you go at each other. When the race is over, the race is over,” he stated.

It was uncertain if Rubio would stand by Trump if he won the Republican nomination, but sooner or later he agreed to support Trump over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, even as Trump supported Rubio in his successful run for re-election to the Senate in November.

“We ran against each other. He won the Republican nomination,” Rubio said. “You don’t have to agree with the president of your party on every single issue to want him to succeed.”

Then Rubio said something amazing:

“President Trump’s success is America’s success. It’s not his individual success. Of course I want the president to be successful.”

He stated this just after Trump announced his decision to reverse some of President Barack Obama’s actions to increase diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, an issue very close to Rubio.

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