Mattis Is Delaying Obama’s “Trans Soldiers” Order

The Obama’s mandate which allows transgender volunteers to serve in the military beginning this summer has been postponed as senior military personnel from numerous departments of the armed forces resumes having serious concerns, according to news reports.

As USA Today reported, a memo from Deputy Defense Secretary Robert ordered heads of the armed services to gauge the military’s Work “readiness to begin accepting transgender applicants on July 1, 2017.”

Anyhow, that memo left a room for criticism, which may very well have precipitated this rollback by Secretary of Defense James Mattis

“The personnel policies of this Department are designed to enhance the warfighting readiness and lethality of the force that protects our country,” Work wrote in the memo as USA Today reported.

“We do not intend to reconsider prior decisions unless they cause readiness problems that could lessen our ability to fight, survive and win on the battlefield.”

After the word “unless” is what we are taking in concerns, it leaves a place for the high-ranking officers to an argument against the policy change so that will improve the military ability to perform effetely.

Military Times stated that the action is on pause hold “as senior leaders within each of the service’s voice lingering concerns about the Obama-era policy intended to end discrimination but dismissed by critics as social experimentation.”

And the critics are right.

The Unites States military is created for only one purpose and that is to keep our country safe, it’s not created do social experiments.

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