Maxine Waters Pays Her Daughter A Huge Amount Of Money, But Criticizes Ivanka For Working For Free

Democrats and liberals jumped into blaming the President Donald Trump for giving his daughter an official unpaid White House job. Why they are objecting to this is unfamiliar, Ivanka’s only gain from this job is the knowledge on who to make America a better country. It appears like the only ones who can make good decisions are the Democrats and not anybody else.

Maxine Waters a devoted critic of Trump is one of those Democrats that has a problem with President Trump’s decision. Now it appears like she has set her sights on Ivanka Trump.

Maxine Waters have done nothing for the creation of jobs around her area. She has always supported the job creation expect when she is the one that has to do the work.

Well now Maxine has created a high paying job for her own daughter.

Her daughter’s job is being in charge of keeping the election cycle for Maxine going. Her job assignments are being in charge of mailing stuff to residence and asking them for money.

How much a job like this can pay, you may wonder. It has been reported that Karen Walters has received close to $750,000 since starting. That is ridiculously huge amount of money and Maxine is the one criticizing Ivanka for breaking the law.

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