Melania Trump Posted Amazing Tweet About The Protesters In Hamburg

The First Family faced many incidents these days, that made the headlines across the world. During Trump’s visit in Germany, the Democrats attacked him constantly. And if that wasn’t enough, Hamburg went in flames, as the protesters crossed the line few times. Frist Lady Melania Trump got stuck in her hotel.

Hamburg protesters occupied the streets and the entrance of the hotel that Melania was in. But, she didn’t forget to mention everyone who got hurt in the protests.

It was frightening. Fire and violence were everywhere and it was shocking that the G20 Summit caused so much chaos. The protesters were lighting stuff on fire and throwing block of pavement. The police had to use teargas, water cannons and flash-bang grenades to prevent further incidents.

The locals complained that there were attempts to still from their shops.

According to reports, the protester’s line was long at least one mile. Nearly 200 police officers were injured and 90 people were arrested.

First Lady Melania tweeted her support for the people.

“Thinking of those hurt in Hamburg protests. Hope everyone stays safe!”

This wasn’t the first time Trump and Melania got problems because of protesters. So, let’s hope they stay safe.

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