Mike Huckabee Destroyed CNN After They Called His Daughter A Liar

All weekend CNN viciously attacked Sarah Huckabee-Sanders by saying that she is a liar. They also said that her defense of President Trump’s posts on Twitter “encourages violence” against media personalities.

This was because Trump posted a funny video on Twitter from his appearance in Pro Wrestling. After CNN published the statement attacking Sarah Huckabee, her father immediately made CNN regret everything they said.

Huckabee attacked CNN by saying: “getting advice about truth and honesty from CNN is kind of like getting recipes for the 4th of July from Hannibal Lector. I mean, come on. They are the champions of fake news and fraudulent news.” Huckabee wasn’t done here.

He personally stood by his daughter, “They attacked a woman, my daughter, for doing her job…The reason I’m not worried about her is she’s one tough cookie. She can handle what they throw…If they think they’re going to rattle her by doing this, they don’t know her very well.”

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