MSNB Reporter Tried To Humiliate Trump But Regrets It Immediately

President Trump held a Press Conference in Poland, this gave him a chance to reply to all the lies that have been surfacing lately, face to face.

The situation became tense when MSNB reporter, tried to humiliate Trump, by asking him if he would “admit” that Russia was involved in our 2016 elections. His response was impressive.

Trump noted that the “17 intel agencies” that apparently confirmed Russia’s interference, were in fact only three intel agencies. The New York Times withdraw the story because it wasn’t true. Trump also noted that these agencies claimed that are 100% certain that Iraq had weapons mass destruction, and that turn out to be wrong.

Anyhow, this reporter was rude and didn’t let Trump finish his response, she also yelled at him, so Trump decided to shut her up!

Trump was also asked about the CNN’s alleged blackmail of the Trump supporter who created the funny video. His response was awesome!

Here is Trump’s full speech from Poland:

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