MSNBC’s Joy Reid is saying that Scalise deserved to be shot

The “fake news” media is spreading hate and violence again, as if haven’t had it enough.

This past months Trump has been under a lot of vulgar attacks and now a rabid anti-Trump “Bernie Bro” went to a baseball field and shoot on House Republicans, nearly killing Rep. Steve Scalise, who is in ICU fighting for his life.

And to top it, now the liberals are calling him “racist homophobe” and praising his attacker.

Joy Reid, a “reporter” for MSNBC, is saying that Scalise deserved to be shot.

Scalise is a staunch Catholic, and is under an attack by the liberals for following his faith and believes.

Liberals are labeling his traditional values and religious beliefs as a “racism” and “homophobia,” and now they are celebrating his attack.

To pleasure the left we have to abandon all values and beliefs so they don’t attack us, even when we are in hospital fighting for life.

It is shocking to see how the left is getting out of control. I they really cared about America they would stop with this violence and.

And instead the liberal media is encouraging violence against conservatives.

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