The Obama Family Left America After Loretta Investigation Reveals Obama’s biggest secret

The Obama family left America to visit the only country that can protect them if he gets in trouble over the Loretta Lynch investigation.

Latest reports show that to save herself Lynch will have to confirm Obama’s biggest secret. So, they flew to Indonesia the only country that U.S. has no extradition agreement with. Obama’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is being investigated by the Senate Intel Committee for allegations of “political interference.”

According to CBS News, “FBI had obtained hacked documents that included one about a Democratic operative who had expressed confidence that Ms. Lynch would keep the Clinton investigation from going too far.”

The report continues, “[This information] had come from a Russian intelligence document describing an email allegedly sent by then DNC-chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Open Society Foundations. The alleged email was supposed to have said that Lynch had assured the Clinton campaign’s Amanda Renteria that the FBI investigation would not ‘go too far.”

Some things are alarming here. The Open Society Foundation which is owned by George Soros. And The Washington Post which has colluded with Clinton campaign, by stating that Russia intelligence was responsible for the DNC hacking. Did Russia was really involved in the hacking, we don’t know since there is no evidence of that happening.

We know that two things are upsetting for Obama. First, he was Lynch’s boss, and if she did something, it was requested by him. And Second George Soros’ foundation found itself in the middle of all this should be alarming.

“Attorney General Loretta Lynch is declining to comply with an investigation by leading members of Congress about the Obama administration’s secret reports to send Iran $1.7 billion in cash earlier this year, prompting accusations that Lynch has “pleaded the Fifth” Amendment,” Washington Free Beacon reported.

Reports have revealed who spread the allegations of the Russian hacking and Russian colluding with Donald Trump, and all traces lead back to George Soro’s Open Society Foundation employee and Democratic operative Alexandra Chalupa. And this goes all the way to Barack Obama working with Soros. The only question is will Loretta say anything?

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