Obama Just Got The Worst News By Trey Gowdy

The name Trey Gowdy brings scares to every corrupt liberal politician in Washington. Nobody wants to be under his investigation because he goes thoroughly trough every evidences until he discovers the truth.

As Politico reported Obama is being investigated by the Republican leaders of the House oversight committee, which means he is in trouble.

In case Barack Obama didn’t hear the news Trey Gowdy, is a important member of the same committee.

This means that Obama is going to get the same treatment as  Hillary Benghazi from Trey Gowdy.

In a May 5 letter, Republicans heading the committee, Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Ron DeSantis, asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to produce Justice Department documents they stated would “help the Committee in better understanding these issues.”

They requested from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to release all related documents to the Iran deal in the State Department’s possession.

Chaffetz and Gowdy want intel on January 16, 2016 prisoner exchange agreement with Iran and intel, “for whom any enforcement action was modified or cancelled in connection with the [swap], and indicate the action taken and how it was modified or cancelled.”

And for, “any Iranian national or entity investigated for, charged with, or convicted of engaging in violations of export controls, terrorism, arms sales, nonproliferation, money laundering, or other financial crimes, from January 1, 2013, to the present.”

13 Senators signed a letter to the officials backing up Chaffetz and Gowdy’s efforts,

“We write to request your assistance in providing Congress with more information regarding the Obama Administration’s decision to drop the charges or convictions in the 21 cases. Based on new reports, we are concerned that President Obama and certain previous administration officials intentionally suppressed the seriousness of the charges against these individuals in order to garner public support for the nuclear deal with Iran, and we fear that these individuals may still pose a threat to the national security of the United States.”

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