Patricia Heaton Criticized CNN Because Of Their Response To Trump Wrestling Video

One of the loudest conservatives in Hollywood criticized CNN for their response to the recent tweet  President Donald Trump posted.

Trump got positive and negative reviews for posting the video of his appearance in 2007 in the World Wrestling Entertainment event.

The CNN logo was added over the face of Trump’s opponent, who was hit during the clip.

While some of his supports appreciated the humor in that video, some of them thought this clip promoted violence against American journalists.

CNN reported that they have discovered the identity of the person who created the video and threatened to reveal him if he promises that will not make any offensive and violate videos again.

Patricia Heaton a well-known Hollywood actress, thought that CNN’s move will cost them what was left of its reputation.

Heaton is known by her two starring roles in sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle, and she has been clear about her political views.

Last year the anti-abortion Christian posted her opinion on Twitter about the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down a Texas regulation requiring higher medical standards for abortion facilities.

And her latest political tweet drew a lot of attention from critics and fans.

While some of them admired her criticism of CNN’s tactics, others stated the contradictions of her tweet’s claims, especially that the Reddit user at the heart of the controversy is only 15 years old.

A statement from the network said that the user was “an adult male” and further clarified it “never made any deal, of any kind, with the user.”

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