Poland Is Preventing The Terror Attacks By Closing Doors On Migrants

Poland is seeing the terror happening around and it’s taking measures to prevent the attacks by not allowing Islamic migrants into the country.

Ryszard Czarnecki, a British-born Polish politician, stated in the outcome of Saturday’s London Bridge terrorist attack that these incidents are often caused by children of “Islamic migrants” who are citizens of the European countries they live in, reported Radio Poland.

Czarnecki, a European Parliament vice president, stated that these domestic jihadists are regularly trained by the Islamic State.

“Other countries have led to a situation in which those trained on Islamic State territory in Syria, Iraq – young people with French, Belgian, Dutch, British, German citizenship – return to Europe … and somehow [the authorities] were incapable of monitoring them,” he stated.

“We, Poland, are learning from the mistakes of others,” Czarnecki added. “And we will not open our doors to Islamic migrants.”

Poland accepted migrants when Europe was being inundated with refugees from the Middle East.

“We have no terrorist attacks in Poland because we withdrew from a plan approved by the previous government of accepting thousands of migrants, known as refugees,” the leader of Poland’s ruling PiS party, Jarosław Kaczyński, stated.

Czarnecki, who is a member of the same party, advised U.K. that they should want to remove “radical migrants.”

“If a radical Muslim leader calls his brothers-in-faith at the mosque… to fight with the unfaithful then I believe there are grounds to expel that Imam,” he stated.

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