President Donald Trump And Russian President Vladimir Putin Met On G20 Summit

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin finally met this Friday, backstage of the G20 summit.

President Donald Trump said it was ‘an honor’ to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Vladimir Putin said that he was ‘delighted.’

The official photographer captured a video of the moment, as they were shaking hands. Trump had a friendlier approach and pet the underside of Putin’s arm

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker join them from the opposite side of a cocktail table, while they were laughing at a private joke.

It was very surprising to see how two presidents share small talk and laugh together because this kind of situation never happened before at a formal meeting in presence of other presidents. For instance, when President Putin met with UK Prime Minister Theresa May they had a very formal handshake.

Anyhow, when it comes to Trump, the greeting between them like they were friends for a long time.

This Thursday was the first meeting between Putin and Trump, and it’s reasonable why the U.S. president is trying to establish a relationship with him, in order to avoid conflict and have an approachable attitude.

On the other hand, Trump should be careful, as he was warned that Putin is very manipulative can meet every Trump barrage with an overhand smash.

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